About Us


With precision to success

Lauble GmbH is a specialist for high-precision machining. Our customers come from a wide range of industries and receive from us, in addition to the machined parts, further, complementary services, such as finishing or assembly.Highly qualified and motivated, our employees - in the modern company building in the Dunning industrial park - guarantee that quality is produced from the very beginning. We are an apprenticing company and train machinists.


For the machining of our products we have a variety of different, state-of-the-art machining centers at our disposal. Our equipment suppliers are leading providers such as Index, Star Micronics, Dürr, Zeiss or Hommel.

Our customers

Renowned companies in control engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, medical technology and from the automotive supplier sector appreciate our flexibility and considerable vertical range of manufacture. We involve our customers in development and sample production at an early stage.

Our ethical principles

We are committed to a code of ethics, acting and working in accordance with the principles of clarity, transparency and legitimacy, respecting the interests of all persons with whom we come into contact and the principles of freedom and human dignity.

In particular, we reject any discrimination based on gender, race, language, personal and social conditions, and religious and political views.

Our quality principles

Qualified, customer-oriented employees who think and act responsibly are the key to customer satisfaction for us. We want to inspire our customers through the quality of our work. Error prevention has priority over error elimination. We agree the standard for our quality with the customer.

Our environmental principles

We regard the legal regulations applicable to our company as minimum requirements, but we strive for further improvements. For effective environmental protection, we need committed and environmentally aware employees.

Managers have a role model function in this respect. We will inform our employees about projects and activities that have an impact on the environment.

Our energy efficiency principles
  • Promotion of energy efficiency and energy saving in all areas
  • Company-wide systematic recording and evaluation of energy consumption
  • Planning and implementation of energy-saving measures