Quality Control
Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Best quality is no coincidence, but the result of quality work and consistent quality assurance. Therefore we are also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. For new parts, you will receive an initial sample test report according to your requirements with the first delivery. In addition, upon request, you will receive all common Q-documents such as control plans, PPAP, FMEA, SPC inspections and outgoing goods inspection reports as well as inspections for test equipment capability, machine capability and process capability.

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Made in Germany

Precision and quality according to international standards

Our competent employees are first-class professionals who ensure our high standards with the help of modern equipment. With extensive testing and state-of-the-art measuring machines, we guarantee first-class parts and maximum quality.

ZeissContura G2

The benchmark in the compact class

With outstanding scanning technology, ZEISS CALYPSO reference software and a coordinated overall design, ZEISS CONTURA consolidates its status as the benchmark in its class.

  • Convenient control
  • Computer-aided accuracy (CAA)
  • Robust and precise
  • Sensor variants
  • Calypso software - latest version

Control is independent of the computer via a user-friendly control panel. The progressive control lever provides easy and precise control of all axis movements. In CNC mode, the speed control is variable.

Zeiss 01
Zeiss 02
Zeiss 03
Zeiss 04
Zeiss 05Flexible and reliable quality assurance

The latest generation is now even more precise and offers a wide package of optical sensors in addition to additional measuring ranges.

Depending on the size, ZEISS CONTURA uses ceramic or CARAT guides for high rigidity, low thermal expansion and low moving mass. Wraparound air bearings in all three axes ensure consistent stability even at high travel speeds and during acceleration.

The floating glass-ceramic scales from ZEISS CONTURA are virtually expansion-free and therefore do not require additional temperature sensors or calculated compensation. They are protected against dirt and other influences in a manner suitable for the workshop.

Contura 01
Contura 02

Surface measuring device for every application

The contour and surface measuring devices from ZEISS offer various sensors, some of which can be combined, for roughness measurements, contour measurements or both.

  • Best-in-class residual noise (Rz 0) due to low-vibration linear drive that is up to seven times faster
  • Resolution of up to 0.1 nm at 6.4-µm range and 20 nm at 1,000 µm range
  • With the optional swivel device, it is possible to manually tilt the feed by +/-5 degrees
Surfcom Nex 01
Surfcom Nex 02
Surfcom Nex 03
Keyence LogoKEYENCE IM-7000 Measuring Projector

KEYENCE's digital measurement projector combines conventional measurement methods while being faster and more accurate. Using height measurement probes, photoelectric proximity switches and optics, the IM-7000 produces clear measurement results in seconds at the touch of a button. A user-friendly and well-developed operating concept forms the basis for user-independent measurements. The generously designed measuring surface allows uncomplicated measurement of large components. It also allows a large number of components to be measured in a single step. Thus, the digital measuring projector is able to perform ninety-nine measurements on up to one hundred components in three seconds -

precision in best time!

Jenoptik 01
Jenoptik 02
Jenoptik 03
Jenoptik LogoHOMMEL-TURBO WAVE T8000

Flexible roughness and contour measurement

  • Digital contour measurement: Digital glass scale ensures exact results.
  • Universal application: roughness and contour measurement possible.
  • Automatic measuring sequence: Probe arm raises and lowers automatically.
  • Flexible: Probe arms can be easily exchanged.
Jenoptik 01
Jenoptik 02
Jenoptik 03
Jenoptik 04
Jenoptik 05

Opticline Shaft Measurement

  • Dimensional measurements (lengths and diameters, radii and angles)
  • Thread measurements (dimensions, shape)
  • Shape measurements (straightness, roundness, cylindrical shape)
  • Profile shape (free form, tolerance band, cam shape)
  • Layer measurements (concentricity and axial runout, straightness, symmetry and parallelism, concentricity and coaxiality)
Contour 01
Contour 02
Contour 03

The universal setting and measuring device for turning production.

Autonomous devices for measuring in one or two coordinate directions internal, external, step, height, depth and distance dimensions on geometric elements with flat, parallel or cylindrical surfaces.

The culmination point is automatically entered on bores and shafts - With "max.", "min." and "max.-min." memory function as dynamic measurement. By using the TESA IG-13 digital probe, squareness, straightness and parallelism deviations as well as radial and axial runout can also be recorded. Operating results according to ISO 1101.

Extremely accurate measuring of deviations from length, straightness and perpendicularity due to the automatic correction of the bias errors through CAA (Computer Aided Accuracy).

Tesa Microhite 600


High quality and robust video measuring microscope with motorized measuring stage made of standard components of our modular system.

  • optical system with telecentric or infinite beam path
  • exchangeable objectives or revolving nosepiece (optionally motorized)
  • motorized measuring stage with 3-axis joystick for fast and comfortable positioning
  • flexible tube configuration from our modular system
  • stepless transmitted light and coaxial reflected light illumination with fiber optics and cold light source

Due to the modular design, a customer-specific device can be realized in a very short time.

Mitutoyo LogoMeasuring projector with screen and zoom lens 10x

Measuring projector version with motorized focus and integrated optoeye

  • Standard objective 10x. 20x and 50x objective see optional accessories. Maximum lens distortion 0.2%.
  • Vertical, rotatable 315 mm crosshair screen with built-in digital angle display, switchable for reading in degrees or decimal.
  • Telecentric illumination system ensures vertical and uniform illumination of the image field.
  • Massive coordinate measuring table, with quick adjustment in both axes.
  • For measuring lengths, angles, curves and radii.
Mitutoyo 01
Mitutoyo 02
Profile projector with 10x zoom objective

Profile projector for accurate transmitted and reflected light inspection of large workpieces. Robust stand-alone device for universal use in production and inspection.

  • Standard objective 10x. 5, 20, 50 and 100x objectives see special accessories. Maximum lens distortion 0.2%.
  • Rotatable screen-⌀ effective 508 mm.
  • Built-in digital LED display for angle measurements, switchable degree/decimal.
  • Telecentric illumination system for uniform illumination of the image field and accurate measurements.
  • Solid coordinate measuring table 380×250 mm, with integrated glass scales.
  • Guarantees good viewing capability and easy measurement of lengths, angles, curves, radii and threads, etc.