On request, we can also take over further work steps for you, right up to assembly.
After machining, the precision parts are further processed according to your requirements: Broaching, thread rolling, blasting, hardening, hard turning, grinding, honing, laser welding and marking, electroplating, soldering and bonding. In order to bundle resources, we are also happy to take care of the complete or partial assembly of your parts, right up to the ready-to-install product - in line with our "everything from a single source" philosophy.

Lauble GmbH Wärmebehandlungen Härten Vergüten
Heat treatments
(hardening, tempering, etc.)
Lauble GmbH Oberflächenbehandlungen Beschichten Schleifen Polieren
Surface treatments
(coating, grinding, polishing, etc.)
Lauble GmbH 100% Kontrolle Optischen Anlagen
100% control by our partner
with the most modern optical equipment
Lauble GmbH Montage von Baugruppen
Assembly of subassemblies
Lauble GmbH Dekor-Strahlen und Eloxieren
Decorative blasting and anodizing
Lauble GmbH Drehteile Verpacken nach Kundenvorgabe
Packing according to customer specifications
and also in customer's packaging
We also take care of the details
SIGG Carousel System 8/4

Efficient blasting of large workpieces

If you want to blast the surface of numerous pieces of the same size, you don't want to do without efficient processing.

  • Automatic blasting
  • Easy loading
  • Simultaneous processing of several parts
  • Easily adjustable blast guns
  • Viewing window in blast room
  • Separate dust collector
  • Easy to operate
Sigg 01
Sigg 02
Sigg 03
Sigg 04

Best surfaces for bulk material

Easy to operate thanks to good visibility window

  • Space-saving
  • Weight counterbalanced by gas struts in top position
  • Separate dust separator
  • Easily visible inspection window
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized workpieces
  • Efficient injector blasting process
  • All commercially available blasting media can be used
  • Resource-saving thanks to closed circuit of the blasting medium
  • Can be used in all industries
SIGG TR 70 Klein

Best working conditions for optimum blasting results

Easy to operate thanks to an easily visible viewing window.

The TR 70, TR 70 EA and TR 80 injector blast machines from SIGG Strahltechnik offer the best working conditions for blasting small to medium-sized workpieces. The effective injector blasting principle works with a blasting head in which a high flow velocity is generated by an upstream air nozzle. Due to the negative pressure in the blast head mixing chamber, the abrasive is sucked in from the mixing chamber, directed over the blast nozzle immediately downstream and blasted onto the surface. The abrasive thereby develops an enormous velocity, which achieves an abrasive effect. The TR 70, TR 70 EA and the TR 80 with their powerful blasting guns are used in numerous industries.

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